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ASP® AND HIGH SPEED STEEL GUIDE GRADES CORRESPONDING STANDARDS ANALYSIS, % HARDNESS, HB CHARACTERISTICS AND APPLICATIONS ERASTEEL USA AISI Europe DIN W.Nr. C Cr Mo W Co V soft cold rolled ASP 2005 - PMHS 3-3-4 1.3377 1.50 4.0 2.5 2.5 - 4.0 260 310 Good wear resistance and toughness.

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Tool & Die Steel Handbook Since 1948 AISI A-6 Air Hardening Die Steel Annealing A-6 may be annealed in either a controlled atmosphere furnace or wrapped in stainless steel foil. Heat to 1350° to 0°F and hold approximately one hour for each inch of thickness. Cool very slowly at a rate of 20° per hour to approximately 1000°F. CPM MagnaCut - The Next Breakthrough in Knife Steel Mar 25, 2021 · One of their major developments was M42, one of the earliest steels capable of 70 Rc. VASCO named the steel Hypercut, fitting a theme of other high speed steels with cut in the name like Van Cut, Telecut, Red Cut, Grey Cut, etc. So as a nod to VASCO I named the steel MagnaCut, Magna being the Latin word for great or awesome. Testing of CPM-MagnaCut

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CPM Rex 45 is an 8% cobalt modification of M3 high speed steel made by the CPM (Crucible Particle Metallurgy) Process. It hasred hardness comparable to that of M42 but offers abrasion resistance even better than that of M3. With its excellent red hardness, good wear resistance and good toughness, CPM Rex 45 is suitable for difficult HIGH SPEED STEEL - bohler-blecheBÖHLER S730 is a cobalt-alloyed tungsten-molybdenum high speed steel with high hardness, excellent cutting properties, extremely high compression strength, high elevatedtemperature hardness and good toughness. BÖHLER S730 thus combines economy and performance in a single material and is ideally suitable for use in screw taps and drills.


HIGH SPEED STEEL Quality is our Passion. 2 KUNSTSTOFFFORMENSTÄHLE 3 IMPROVED SERVICE LIFE DUE TO:The least possible inclusion content » The best grindability » High degree of toughness » Low isotopic dimensional changes » Reproducible production sequences HIGH SPEED STEELsteel works produced a high speed steel, marketed as Alcor in which the tungsten content of the Three Component Steel (Dreierstahl) had been completely replaced by aluminium. That steel is to have had the same cutting performance as the Three Component Steel (Dreierstahl) HS 3-3-2.

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market in the early 1970s, the P/M steel-making process allows for increased alloy content without any detrimental loss in toughness or grindability. The result is a hard, wear-resistant tool that can absorb the shocks associated with high metal-removal rates and intermit-tent cuttingshocks that would shatter a solid-carbide tool. High Speed Steel Tool Steel Compare Tool SteelTo qualify as a high-speed steel, the chemical composition must meet certain minimum requirements, which are defined in the ASTM A600 Specification for High-Speed Tool Steels. The lowest alloy grades, M50 and M52 high-speed steels, are properly known as intermediate high-speed steels because of their lower alloy contents.

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Advantages HIP PM HSS]100% dense]Fine, uniform microstructure (carbides)]Compared against conv. high speed steel \Equivalent wear \Improved grindability \improved response to heat treatment \Improved toughness \No size constraints Machining High Speed Steel Zhengzhou Halnn From the materials, high speed steel include Tungsten (W), molybdenum (Mo), cobalt (Co), which palyed the most important rolses for the red hardness,and helped improve the high temperature abrasive resistance. High-speed steel at high speed cutting, even at temperatures up to 500 , still maintain high hardness, HRC above 60.

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The PM process gives a good machinability and grindability as well as a good dimension stability during heat treatment. In markets served by Uddeholm, ASSAB PM 30 SuperClean is promoted as Vanadis 30 SuperClean. ASSAB PM60 SuperClean ASSAB PM 60 SuperClean is powder high speed steel suitable for cutting tools and other cold work applications. Powder metallurgical steel - B.B.S. i Halmstad ABHigh speed steel designed to offer a combination of the highest wear resistance, attainable hardness, and red hardness available in a high speed steel. Cutting tools for highest quality, end mills, tool bits, broaching tools. CPM ® 420V. Highly corrosion and wear resistant PM tool steel.

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PM M4 High Speed Tool Steel is an extremely versatile high speed steel that provides a unique combination of high wear resistance from the large volume of vanadium carbides with high impact toughness and transverse bend strength which are results of the fine grain size, small carbides, and superior cleanliness of the powder metallurgy (PM) microstructure. Saaj Steel Corporation - High Speed Steel Manufacturers High Speed Steel M42. High Speed Steel Round Bar can be drilled, turned, threaded, broached, milled and tapped when it is in its annealed condition and rated at 45% of 1% carbon steel. M42 molybdenum high speed tool steel is preheated to 871°C (1599°F) in a slow manner and then soaked.

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The PM process gives a good machinability and grindability as well as a good dimension stability during heat treatment. In markets served by Uddeholm, ASSAB PM 30 SuperClean is promoted as Vanadis 30 SuperClean. ASSAB PM60 SuperClean ASSAB PM 60 SuperClean is powder high speed steel suitable for cutting tools and other cold work applications. TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS FOR CUTTING & GRINDING Spin cast high chrome, high speed steel Typical metal removal: 3 to 15 kg/s/mm 2 to 7 kg/kWh (on stainless steel) Application Cold grinding Warm grinding Hot grinding Material Stainless steel Carbon steel High alloy steel ium Machine Low power (120 kW and below) Medium power (120 - 250 kW) High power

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grindabilitya higher ratio indicates improved grindability.Reduced machining and grinding costs significantly reduce tool costs. HeattreatmentMatrix high-speed steels are less sensitive than other high-speed steels to the slower cooling rate of vacuum heattreat furnaces. For example, the center hardness of an M2 100-mm bar loses three points of HRC as a result of slower vac-uum-furnace cooling. Uddeholm Superclean Concept SOME THINGS LAST Introduced as high speed steel variants of the well-known Uddeholm Vanadis series of PM steel grades, the Vanadis 30 and Vanadis 60 offer similar properties as their cousins, Vanadis 23 and Vanadis 8 with a twist. Vanadis 30 is close to Vanadis 23 when it comes to chipping and wear resistance, but combines these properties with an unusually

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  • Defining High Speed SteelCommon Grades and Properties of High Speed SteelSurface TreatmentsOur HSS ProductsApplications of High Speed SteelTurn to Griggs SteelGrindability of Conventionally Produced and Powder The factors affecting the grindability of high-speed steel (HSS) were investigated by measuring G-ratio and power consumption in surface grinding of 18 grades of HSS of different composition with an aluminium-oxide wheel. The dominant factor affecting grindability was the size of vanadium carbide. YOUR PARTNER FOR HIGH SPEED STEELS, TOOL STEELSBOHLER has improved the production process for powder metallur-gy high speed steels and tool steels. MICROCLEAN materials of the 3rd generation with improved performance features are produced in Kapfenberg on the most modern unit worldwide. An extensive assortment of cold work, plastic mould and high speed steels provi-

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    High speed steel produced by powder-metallurgy methods with good red hardness, compressive strength and wear resistance. The PM technology imparts to the material also excellent toughness and machinability properties, e.g. highly satisfactory grindability. PDF:Currently our best PM cold work tool steel with highest hardness, good toughness and wear resistance. PDF

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