stainless steel backing plates for sputtering target bonding

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Stainless Steel Backing Plate. For use with all Mate Series Rod and Cup Holders. Product information Product Dimensions 5 x 5 x 1 inches Item Weight 6.4 ounces ASIN B00NYD0ZUK Item model number 72533 Customer Reviews:4.9 out of 5 stars 16 ratings. 4.9 out of 5 stars Best Sellers Rank

Backing Plates - Sputtering Target Backing Plates

65 rows · Backing plates used in the sputtering process are essential to creating a quality thin film Backing Plates Super Conductor Materials, Inc.For applications where a high temperature bond is required, Copper may also oxidize badly or warp. Copper and Stainless Steel Cups:We specialize in the use of unique backing plate geometry for delicate ceramic targets ranging in size 0.5 to 8. The cup design provides good mechanical support for the target on the back and around the edge.

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Stainless steel is easy to bond but may need to be cleaned to remove dirt, dust, fingerprints and machine oil. Steel Steel is an alloy of iron with a small amount of carbon to increase strength. Steel surfaces are typically coated before or after bonding to prevent corrosion, either with zinc (galvanized steel) or some type of paint. Bonding/Backing Plate Services Oryx Advanced MaterialJul 15, 2007 · C-Scan. Ultrasonically test equipment to verify bond integrity; X-ray radiographic inspection to verify bond integrity; Precision machining/joining capability for designing and building backing plates from a variety of materials, such as OFHC Copper, ium, Stainless Steel, Molybdenum. Clean room vacuum packaging of assemblies

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Backing Plates. Haohai Metal provides backing plates (copper, molybdenum, copper-chromium, titanium, molybdenum etc.) for planar, circular and cylindrical (rotary) sputtering targets, conductive pastes and pads for sputter target cooling, and also offer bonding services as part of our comprehensive range of services to the PVD community. Chrome rotary sputtering target matmetalsJINXING METAL provides all metal bonding to affix sputtering targets to backing plates for systems which do not utilize a bolt-on target assembly. This proprietary process utlizes layers of low vapor pressure metals which have been applied to both the backing plate and the target and are then diffusion bonded together.

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We make new targets with or without backing tubes, or we remove spent material on used targets and apply a new layer. BACKING PLATES Backing plates are used to mount the target in the sputtering system, so their selection is critical. HIP - Hot Isostatic Pressing - BodycoteHIP is also used to diffusion bond backing plates to sputtering targets to achieve better bond strength. and bonnets has largely been replaced by the diffusion bonding of powder HIP seats into both wrought and powder HIP stainless steel valves. HIP diffusion bonding can also be used to replace welding or vacuum brazing of stainless steel

Indium Bonding on Cu Backing Plate for Sputtering Targets

Order Indium bonding on Cu backing plate service together with custom-made MSE PRO sputtering targets to get ready-to-use turn key solutions. Indium is the preferred method for bonding sputtering targets because it has the best thermal conductivity of all available bonds and is the most efficient at drawing heat away from the target. Kurt J. Lesker Company OFHC Copper Backing Plates TORUS ® 2, 3, and 4 accepts a 0.092" thick backing plate, found in the ordering table below Most sputter sources accept a 0.125" (1/8") thick target bonded to a 0.125" thick backing plate For targets of other thicknesses, choose the backing plate thickness to adjust the total thickness to 0.250" (1/4") to suit most applications

Non-continuous bonding of sputtering target to backing

Large sputtering targets generally consist of a backing tube or backing plate on which one or more target segments are bonded, i.e. they are attached to the backing body by a bonding material which can be a metalor metal alloyhaving a low melting temperature, also called a metallic solder, or any other kind of electrically and thermally Sputter Targets RHP TechnologyFor targets on demand we offer full service including the bonding of targets to different backing plates (stainless steel, aluminium, copper or molybdenum). For certain target materials used in high power sputtering we offer direct bonding to the back plate within the manufacturing step or by using a special high temperature bonding process.

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Sputtering Target Bonding are provided by Able Target Limited , at the same time, we can afford the Backing Plate bonding service. Backing Plate bonding is one of the most important process in sputtering which is to ensure the target and the Backing Plate is bonded soundly to provide maximum thermal conductivity and mechanical strength. Stainless Steel Sputtering Target Best Quality AvailableStainless Steel Sputtering Target is a proven technology capable of depositing thin films from a wide variety of materials on to diverse substrate shapes and sizes. The process is repeatable and can be scaled up from small research and development projects, to production batches involving medium to large substrate areas.

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TARGET BONDING ISSUES. One of the key parameters that determine the performance of sputtering targets is the integrity of the bond between the sputtering target and the backing plate. This bond can be critical to the performance and cost of the sputtering target. Target bondingTarget bonding. Hexon offers PVD sputtering targets bonded by indium or Ag/Sn/Cu alloy at a competitive price comparing US or Europe bonding service company. According to your specific targets material, Hexon provides different backing plates for your bonding choice:OFHC copper backing plate. Molybdenum backing plate. Stainless steel backing plate.

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Selected target materials are bonded to 35 cm diameter stainless steel backing plate which are mounted to a turret that both provides water cooling and rotates the material. We direct our 16 cm radio frequency (RF) ion beam source at the target to sputter the material while the turret motion provides deposition stability and promotes target The target bonding methods are recommended for 7 rows · Jan 22, 2021 · Target bonding is an important process to use solder to bond sputtering targets to a

US20110168555A1 - Rotary sputtering target and apparatus

The process that is the subject of this invention is a method of making a rotary sputtering target having the steps of providing a cylinder of sputtering target material having an adhesion-wetting layer on its inside surface; providing a stainless steel sputtering target backing tube having an outside diameter smaller than the sputtering target material inside diameter, the backing tube having an adhesion-wetting layer on its outside surface; welding an upper and lower stainless steel US7550055B2 - Elastomer bonding of large area sputtering Between the backing plate 810and target tiles 830C, 830E, there is a bonding layer 820with metal mesh in the layer and the metal mesh contacts the target tiles 830C, 830E and the backing plate 810. The widest spacing 850between the target tiles 830C, 830E should be kept below plasma dark space.

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Oct 23, 2017 · Backing plates play an important role in PVD industry and have been a popular parts for a lot of sputtering target set. As a professional China sputtering target manufacturer, Baoji Oukai Sputtering Target summarizes the reasons of bonding backing plate in a sputtering target.Target Bonding Services Global Supplier of Sputtering TargetStainless Steel Backing Plate:from MRC:Enhanced Copper Backing Plate with Serpentine Water Cooling Track:from CVC:Benefits of Bonding Sputtering Targets. 1. A material can transfer heat through its thickness faster when the material is thinner. For most sputtering R&D guns, the thickness of the target is reduced to half when it is bonded to

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